Benefits of Massage


  • Reduces stress and anxiety 

  • Improves quality of sleep through relaxation

  • Maintains optimum sporting performance

  • Decreases risk of injury

  • Supports injury rehabilitation by improving muscle tone and strength


Do you consider massage a necessity, or more like a treat? 


In our busy daily routines, it’s easy to forget the detrimental impacts on our body, including restless sleep and the associated ill-effects. Leading health funds now recognise the benefits of massage and have included remedial therapies in eligible extra’s cover as it is a proven tool to maintain good health. 


Massage of soft tissues of the body promotes local tissue circulation of the blood and lymph resulting in relaxation, greater vitality,

relief from pain, anxiety and stress.


Modern lifestyle demands long periods of sitting at a desk whether it be for work or social reasons resulting in increased neck and shoulder pain and lower back problems due to poor posture.  


Massage can have profound effects upon restoration and rehabilitation of the body, post injury or treatment for your posture, health, wellbeing and or sporting performance.